Grope Hamilton

Personal Injury, Medical Negligence and Insurance Policy Claims

Grope Hamilton Lawyers offers legal services to clients for:

  • Personal injuries
  • Medical negligence
  • Road accidents
  • Insurance policy claims


Grope Hamilton Lawyers offers a “first 1/2 hour free” service to prospective clients to discuss the prospects of a successful claim and terms for a client’s engagement.

Adelaide lawyers, Grope Hamilton Lawyers is committed to ensuring that clients’ prospective claims are assessed and considered to be viable before instructions to act are accepted, in the firm and the client’s mutual interests.

Flexible fee arrangements may be entered into with respect to personal injury, medical negligence and road accidents, depending upon the circumstances and discussions.

Got a question about Personal Injury, medical negligence and insurance policy claims? Click here - our Personal Injury and Medical Negligence Law FAQs may have the answer.

We also suggest that you contact one of our Personal Injury, Medical Negligence or Insurance Policy Claims lawyers for advice specific to your situation



Mark Hamilton, Managing Partner


"Our critical reasoning ability and problem solving skills give our client's their competitive advantage."

Mark Hamilton
Managing Partner

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